The Parc naturel

The Parc in brief

The Brenne Regional Nature Park has been found 22nd December 1989, thanks to a strong mobilization of elected counselors and local institutions. Their aim was to fight against the devitalization of their territory and the desire to put in place lasting implementations for local developments. Another reason for its creation was also the acknowledgement of the wealth and fragility of its heritage, the necessity of the protection of a wetland area of International importance, classed by the RAMSAR convention in 1991.




1er renouvellement


2ème renouvellement


Région Région Centre
Département Indre
Communes 51
Communautés de communes 5
Population 33 000 hab

183 000 Ha

What is a Park ?
A "Parc naturel regional/PNR" is a rural inhabited territory, recognized on a national level for the wealth of its heritage (architectural and environmental) but which is in certain ways fragile. For this reason a project to protect this territory had been put in place which includes sustainable development, based on the protection and valorization of its heritage.

The territory of the PNR is classed by a decree of the Prime Minister, based on a report of the Minister of the Environment for a duration of 12 years maximum, renewable.
The PNR is managed by a Mixed Syndicate which regroups all communities which have approved the chart of the Park.

The vocation of a PNR is the protection and valorization of the natural, cultural and human heritage of its territory by implementing innovative political decisions. Those decisions are concerning planning permissions, economical, social and cultural developments, respectful of the environment.
The 51PNR are grouped under the " Fédération des Parcs naturels régionaux de France »

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The missions of a «Parc naturel régional» are :

  • The protection und the management of the natural and cultural heritage
    The park is committed to manage its rural areas in a harmonious manner; to maintain the biodiversity of its environment; to preserve and valorize its natural resources, its landscapes and its cultural heritage.
  • The planning projects of its territory
    In integrating local and national planning projects into the territory, the PNR plays an important role concerning various projects and developments.
  • The economical and social development :
    The park animates and coordinates economical and social activities in order to guarantee a quality of life and developments which are respectful towards the fragile environment of its territory.
  • Information, education :
    The park raises awareness concerning its fragile environment, invites its visitors to discover the territory through its educational, cultural and touristic activities.
  • Experiments :
    The park contributes to research programs and its mission is to initiate methods of innovative actions which can be used in another territory (on a national but also international level).

Les Parcs en 50 questions-réponses


The project of the territory
The territory's project takes the form of a charter. This consists of a contract which unites the parishes, the community of communes (communes grouped par geographical order), the county of the Indre, the region of the "Centre", the State and the "Syndicat mixte" of the park (a form of several local governing bodies) for a concerted and consistent management of the territory.
The charter defines the objectives, measures, principles of action, responsibilities and enhancing commitments. It also outlines the protection and the development of the territory due to open negotiations and ratifications between the signing bodies.
The charter expresses the will of all local players to develop and implement a territorial project together. It consists of a written report and a plan which is translated in mapping it accordingly.
Every 12 years the park outlines a plan of action as well as a diagnostic of the territory. This serves to redefine a new project. According to this the charter is renewed (or not) for the next 12 years.
The 2nd of the territory of the "Parc naturel régional" has been concluded at the 1st of September 2010 par Ministerial Decree.

Organization of the territory
The decree indicating the renewal of the classification of the "Parc naturel régional de la Brenne" has been published in the official journal on the 3rd of September 2010. The new " Parc naturel régional de la Brenne" includes 51 parishes, accounts 33700 inhabitants on a surface of 183 000 ha in the south-western quarter of the county of the Indre (population density 18,47 inhabitants, one of the lowest of the "Centre" Region/the average of the county is 34 inhabitants/km²).

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