Nature tourism


With an area of 371ha, it includes one of the last reed beds of the Brenne Region. Respecting the balance between nature and the intervention of mankind, it provides a home for remarkable fauna and flora which you may discover during a guided activity or from observation spots.


This short trail crosses a mosaic of environments (ponds, moorland and wasteland…) particularly rich in frogs, butterflies and grasshoppers....


The site of the Bois des Roches is located on the limestone plateau which overlooks the Creuse Valley. The grassland which compose it provide a home for 250 different plant species among which 5 orchid species.


Wide earth track, located at the heart of a landscape of heaths and lakes, 4km there and back.


The Bellebouche lake is one of the largest lakes of the Brenne Region. It is located in a 300ha site with meadows, moorlands, wastelands, woods, small hillocks... 3 observatories located on the edges of the lakes and guided activities help you discover its naturalist riches.

Bienvenue dans le Parc naturel régional de la Brenne